Going Combat With Greed

Posted by on Feb 3, 2009 in Commentary |

I know, I know. January passed and not a single update on the blog. I’ll try to change that.I respecced to Combat after getting Greed. I paired it with Rolfsen’s, slapped Berserking on both and became a happy camper until yesterday. I know it seems like the enchantment is too much of a gold sink considering both weapons are only item level 200, but what can I do? I like doing DPS so I’ll maximize what I have.

Our guild’s Naxx run this weekend was pretty good, all things considered. We were able to clear the Plague and Arachnid Wings, downed Patchwerk and then tried the Military Wing. It was pretty late when we did that so we moved to the Vault of Archavon after two wipes. We downed the guy. Overall, it was a solid run. Hopefully we’ll be able to work things out with the Military Wing this weekend.

I’m going to be switching to a sword off-hand once I get enough Abyss Crystals for Berserking. It’s going to be tough saving up for it. I just burned all my cash on getting Artisan Riding for my death knight since it’s easier to do dailies with him. As a blood-specced tank, he can go questing with very little downtime. I just need the patience for the grind. Ha! Patience? Me? Never an easy thing.