Finding Something To Do: Mount Runs Part 2

Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in Commentary |

We usually start with Sethekk Halls. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s a port away from Magister’s Terrace. I like to think that we start there to build into a progression of sorts, like we’re starting from the easiest then moving on to the hardest. It’s not actually the case though. You’ll see.

Anyway, on to Sethekk. We can sneak past everything until we get to the first boss, who we learned we had to kill if we wanted to make our journey back convenient. Once he’s down, we then proceed to the second boss, which is actually the mount dropper. Cow will summon him, we kill him, hope he drops something, then move on to the last boss and kill him too. Once all of them are down a door on the right will open, leading to the a spot near the entrance. Note that it will only open if all bosses have been dealt with.

We then fly back to Shattrath and port to Magister’s Terrace. Again, sneaking our way is the key here. Once we get to the first boss, we clear the room first before we engage him. When he’s down, it’s a short trip to the second boss, which is again easily dispatched. A couple of sneaky steps later we’re on to Delrissa. For this fight we make sure that our cooldowns are available so we can AOE all of them. There’s a chance that they’ll let a Fear out, ruining the AOE and possibly causing aggro to the surrounding mobs so it’s better to be prepared. Then it’s on to Prince Kael’Thas himself, who usually drops nothing. Hey, he might drop the mini-pet or the mount so he’s slightly more rewarding than the other bosses.

We then pick up a flight to Silvermoon, head to the Mage trainer and take the port to Blasted Lands. From there, we run up to Karazhan. There, we switch to a raid group and clear all the mobs prior to Attumen. We found out recently that we don’t need a tank for him so we just two-man him and hope he drops something. Once that’s done, we head to ZG for the final stop of the run.