Finding Something To Do: Mount Runs Part 1

Posted by on Jun 28, 2010 in Commentary |

I’m at the point where I’m passive about getting a Lich King kill. I mean, sure if we have the group for it then I’ll give it a shot, but I’m not going to force circumstances just to get a raid going. Thankfully, the decision to do so isn’t up to me most of the time but that’s my stand on it. With that said, I run into a completely different problem.

I don’t have anything left to do.

So, time to find things to occupy my time with. Oh, I know I can always switch to an alt and do something with that, but the thought of gearing a toon from scratch the way I did it with Sin is daunting and time-consuming so I’m veering away from that with this post. The question here is this: what can I do with my main?

The answer came from a guildmate: mount runs. Now, I know there are other answers too, such as achievements, getting the Loremaster title or something similar, etc. I just prefer mount runs because they’re not anal with the details; run an instance that drops a mount, kill the boss, rinse and repeat. The best part? As a rogue, I can sneak my way past through most of the mobs.

My partner in crime is the above-mentioned guildmate: Cowtastrophy. She’s a druid, so her cat form stealth matches perfectly with my own. She gets detected more often than I do because of the sneak levels but she makes up for it by healing my sorry ass so it’s all good.

Now, we’ve gone through these runs often enough to have very, very low expectations of them. It’s like, got nothing better to do? Let’s do a mount run. The enthusiasm comes from the fact that it gives us something to do, not from the hope that a mount will actually drop. It beats standing around in Dalaran all day, watching everyone else’s gearscore progress while your own stagnates.