Final Fantasy XV: Things To Do On Your Second Playthrough

Final Fantasy XV: Things To Do On Your Second Playthrough

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If you’re considering a second playthrough of Final Fantasy XV, here are five things you can do to make things more interesting:

Use the Nixperience Band. 

The free version of the Holiday Pack includes the Nixperience Band, an accessory that prevents XP tallying when you rest. This means that as long as you’re wearing it, you will not level up. You’ll still earn XP like usual, it just won’t get tallied. This way, you can choose when to level up without forcing the guys to go for days without bathing. It also frees up what you can do when you rest, such as leveling their individual skills like cooking and photography, and triggering the tours.

Farm AP early.

If you did not get the chance to do it on your first run, you can farm AP as early as midway through Chapter Four when you get the enemy summon whistle. Here’s how to do it:

Farming AP early changes the way you play the game.

Consider AP Skill Synergy

For example, acquiring the link strike and blindside boost nodes will increase the damage you deal since they stack. You’ll be capable of dealing heavy damage even with non-endgame weapons. Getting the nodes that grant AP during long drives or fishing are great ways to gain points passively.

Early Moogle Charms.

Moogle Charms increase the XP gained by its wearer. They are available in several locations, but some of them appear to be level-locked so they won’t spawn unless you’re at a certain level. I can confirm that the one in Crestholm Channels will not spawn at level 27 and below. I’m not sure about the others.

I do know that the one in Daurell Caverns spawns at early levels. You should also be able to run past everything. There’s no need to fight. Location:

I also suggest doing the quest “A Flower for Iris”. The quest reward is a Moogle Charm.

Early Ultima Blade.

You can get the Ultima Blade early. It’s just a matter of finding the parts.