Final Fantasy XII: Weapons

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To continue my posts about Final Fantasy XII, I’m going to further describe my experience in getting some of the stronger weapons in the game, aside from the Tournesol.

Again, I’ll be using the same references. I will also be making references to my previous post about getting the Tournesol.

Stone Shot
Type: Ammunition

3 Libra Gem
This is a fairly common drop. If you’ve been chaining Cerberus and Tartarus to get Hell-Gate’s Flame, then you would’ve acquired enough Libra Gem by now.

2 Mirror Scale
The Power Walkthrough outlines a get-rich-quick scheme by chaining Mirrorknight. Do that and you’ll get your Mirror Scale.

2 Tyrant Bone
Arguably the toughest component to get. Stealing this from Pylraster is your best bet. Accept the mark when you visit any tavern. It should be available when you’re done with the Pharos at Ridorana area. Teleport to the Pharos using a Gate Crystal, then head outside. Pylraster should be right there. Steal and hope for the best. If you don’t get it, go back inside and head out again. Steal until you get 2 Tyrant Bone. It shouldn’t take too long.

Type: Sword

1 Leshach Halcyon
The Leshach Entite only appears during a snowstorm in the Paramina Rift, spawning in the Icebound Flow or the Head of the Silverflow areas. Equip your Thief’s Cuffs because this is a rare steal. It’s probably going to take a while before you get the halcyon.

2 Emperor Scale
Go to the Drybeam area in the Zertinian Caverns to find Archaeoaevis. There’s usually only two of them here. Make sure that your Gambit setup is similar to what I outlined before (see the Serpent Eye section) so you can chain them. Emperor Scale are semi-rare, I think. I got two of them fairly quickly.

3 Lifewick
If you took the same path I took to get Soul Powder, chances are you’ve run into Necrofiend already. Hopefully, they dropped enough Lifewick for you. Necrofiend also spawn in the Pharos at Ridorana, spawning after you kill undead foes. In my experience, they appear more frequently in the Henne Mines, so you’re probably better off there.

Type: Katana

There’s a formula for this as well, but it requires Gemsteel. I have no plans of killing another 200 Tartarus/Cerberus to get Hell-Gate’s Flame so I took a more direct route. I defeated Gilgamesh and got the Masamune as a reward for the hunt. Sephirosuy’s guide has excellent information about hunting Gilgamesh, including how to get to him in the first place.

Ultima Blade
Type: Greatsword

2 Death Powder
Go to the Zertinian Caverns and head to the Drybeam and Darkened Wharf areas. Look for Bogey. Note that they come out of thin air and will only appear when you get close to their spawn points, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see them immediately. I think there’s only one of them per area, so chaining can be tough. Depending on your level, you can set up the usual manual attack Gambit or just hack at everything. Death Powder isn’t too rare.

1 Gnome Halcyon
Similar to the Leshach Entite, the Gnome Entite only appears during a sandstorm in the Westersand area. Equip your Thief’s Cuffs and keep on stealing until you get the halcyon.

2 Adamantite
The easiest way to get this is to steal it from Thalassinon. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, chances are you killed it already. You can chain Adamantitan in the easternmost section of Cerobi Steppe, where the path splits into three, to get Adamantite.