Disjointed Thoughts On Current Activities

Posted by on May 25, 2010 in Commentary | 3 comments

After playing around with all the talent trees, my DK finally settled on using Unholy as his DPS spec. I finally understood the rotation and, quite frankly, Glyph of Disease is simply a great glyph to have for people like me who have trouble maintaining diseases. I also switched my tanking spec to Blood since that’s going to be the spec of choice come Cataclysm. It’s working well so far.

I recently ran into this random heroic where I was tanking and our healer was a paladin. I died on the second pull, with the healer saying something like “OMG, you died so fast. I actually have to heal you.” Maybe he’s been running random groups with better geared tanks but that comment just pissed me off. Sure, my tanking gear isn’t great by any means but it’s good enough to run heroic 5-mans. There’s also the fact that he signed up as a healer. At the very least, he should be doing his job. He proved himself to be an ass by leaving the group after we pulled the first boss. Note that I’m saying after, meaning we haven’t wiped yet. Considering this was Utgarde Keep, you’d think he’d have the decency to stay and finish at least that. Anyway, end of rant.

TL;DR: Pally douchebag healer ruined heroic UK random run.

And by doing that, I just realized I’m on Reddit too often.

It sucks when everybody’s a Kingslayer and Sin’s not. Sometimes I wonder what I’m lacking that’s preventing me from killing the guy. It would be nice if I could score some heroic gear. Then again, when Ruby Sanctum hits the whole new loot table is going to come into play. I’m already wondering what the drops will be.

I have 3 alts that are above 60: a mage, a pally and a druid. I’ve been thinking about which one I should focus on and finally settled on the druid. The reason behind this is because it’s simply the class closest to being a rogue. I tried running a random with him and ended up really bad on trash pulls simply because I didn’t have an AOE attack. I managed to make up for it on the boss fights though so that’s a good thing. I’m just going to have to see if I can stick it out and actually get a third toon to 80.

That’s it for random musings. Raiding has plateaued for Sin so there really isn’t an update to post in that area. And lately I haven’t been the type to raid with more than one toon. The time constraints is really the killing factor.