Diablo 3: Monk Inferno Farming Guide [Act 1 & Act 2]

Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in Guides |

Long overdue, I know, but here it is anyway.


  • Health: at least 20000
  • DPS: 18000 for Act 1, 22000 for Act 2
  • Resistance: 450 for Act 1, 750 for Act 2
  • Armor: at least 7000
  • Critical Hit Chance: at least 25%

Note that these are numbers intended for farming so they’re naturally higher than progression stats. If you need to use the Enchantress to get the armor up to that value, it’s okay to do so. Other than that the rest of the figures should be unbuffed. Here’s the build:


The build uses critical hits for both offense and survivability through spirit generation. The Cyclone rune dishes out additional DPS and will make short work of anything you fight. Quickening grants more spirit which then allows you to spam healing through the mantra. At 450 resist you should be able to swap Mantra of Evasion with Mantra of Conviction. Similar to my previous guide I recommend using the Overawe rune with it.