Demon’s Souls: Notes on World Tendency

Demon’s Souls: Notes on World Tendency

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• Until you get a good grasp of how World Tendency (WT) works, it’s a good idea to always commit suicide in the Nexus after defeating a boss. You’ll be in body form then and will cause WT to shift to black if you die in the area you’re in. To prevent this, head back to the Nexus, die there and then resume whatever you were doing. There is no WT shift if you die in soul form.

• Play offline if you’re concerned about your WT.

• While it sounds tedious to learn about WTs in a game that’s already difficult by default, it is in your best interest to strive for it as soon as possible. This is because certain events, quests, items and NPCs only appear during Pure White or Pure Black WT. Simply put, PWWT or PBWT = more loot.

• The simplest way to achieve PWWT (outside of server events, of course) is to keep killing bosses and then dying in the Nexus every time you gain body form. PBWT is even easier. Just keep dying in body form then use Stones of Ephemeral Eyes to gain it back. Note that the archstones in your menu won’t update their color until you get back to the Nexus.

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