Dark Souls 3: Easy Starter Guide

Dark Souls 3: Easy Starter Guide

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Commentary, featured, PS4 |

This is based on Dark Souls 3 version 1.04, the current version at the time of this post. The infinite boss soul glitch has been patched so that’s not going to be used here. I can’t execute it consistently anyway.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Roll a Knight. Or your preferred class. If you don’t have one, roll a Knight.
  2. Get the Fire Gem as your burial gift.
  3. Infuse your weapon of choice with the Fire Gem when you get to Firelink Shrine.
  4. Reinforce your weapon to +2 or +3, depending on how many shards you have.
  5. You now have an excellent weapon for the early part of the game.
  6. Optional: if you’re going with a Strength or quality build then farm the Dark Sword and infuse it with a Heavy Gem.

Optional steps if you don’t mind exploiting things:

  1. Kill Dancer before you fight Vordt. How? Here.
  2. Get your weapon of choice up to +9 here.

Want more details? Read more.

Why a Knight? Here’s why.

Most of the early game enemies are weak to fire so having a fire gem-infused weapon is really useful. You won’t run into fire-resistant enemies until late into the game anyway. I think the earliest is when you get to the catacombs.

Titanite Shards will become regular drops and purchasable at Farron Keep so there’s no need to hoard them. Feel free to upgrade your preferred weapon to +3 as soon as possible.

The Dark Sword scales very well with Strength when infused with a Heavy Gem.

If you choose to do the optional steps then the game becomes a cakewalk. Having a +9 weapon before the Undead Settlement is a serious imbalance in your favor so take that as you will.