Blizz Broke My UI

Posted by on Mar 28, 2010 in Commentary |

Logging on to WoW has become an adventure of its own lately. All of my addons obviously became outdated after patch day, so I tossed caution to the wind and checked the “load out of date” box anyway. Only one of them wasn’t working. Unfortunately, it was an addon that was responsible for how the bottom half of my UI looked. When my screen finally loaded, it looked like someone had walked all over it. I had no choice but to disable it. I did so with a heavy heart though. It was kgPanels. What made it tough was that I used it to design a custom UI of my own. I’ll check for an updated version and see if there’s a way to save it.

I’m also running into the loading screen problem. I’d log on, select a toon, then wait for the loading progress bar to go from left to right. If this was the first time I ran WoW since I turned my computer on, it would fill the bar to the max then stop there. It will not load the actual game screen. I have to shut down WoW then reload it. It works fine afterwards. Our guild’s main resto shaman, Itsuki, told me that he was also running into the problem so at least there’s the consolation that it’s not only happening to me. Is anyone else running into this?

Finally, there’s the funky thing with addons. After patch 3.3.3a was released, WoW would lock up a few seconds after loading. Note that this is happening after the loading screen problem I described above. I’m standing in Dalaran and my screen would hang after a few seconds. I disabled all my addons, reloaded, then enabled them one by one just to get to a state where everything was stable. Most of them are back on now. It’s just unsettling that I had to disable even more of them after a minor patch was released.

What are your practices when it comes to addons? I used to be the guy that always updated them. Ironically, I learned from that habit that it’s best not to fix what ain’t broken. I’ve been in the situation where I saw an update actually break an addon. To make things worse, it turns out that I’m in the minority. Looking up the problem reveals that I’m one of the few people who are experiencing the issue while it works fine for everybody else. What does mean? The fix isn’t going to come soon. If it’s an issue that is happening to everyone, you can expect addon writers to come up with a fix soon. If it’s an isolated problem, don’t bet that the same thing will happen. To be fair, it’s also tougher to troubleshoot because of the limited number of incidents to study.

That’s why I don’t update my addons unless there’s a problem with them. DBM is the only one I really bother to check because I don’t want to fly blindly into a raid. As soon as I get kgPanels to work again I’ll post a screenshot of my UI. I’ve been meaning to do that since forever.