Army of Two Reviewed: A Co-Op, Thinking-Man’s FPS

Posted by on Mar 8, 2008 in Reviews |

Opposable Thumbs has a review of Army of Two and it looks like it’s a winner. Amidst the competitive world of first-person shooters, Army of Two provides great co-op gameplay that requires players to think first and shoot later. Don’t let that deter you though. Just because I said you have to think means that you get less of the action. It’s an FPS through and through. You just can’t play it run and gun-style and expect to do well.

Flashy action like the back-to-back, Tequila Bomb-esque sequences that start in a hail of gunfire and end in an empty room of bodies and bullets will have action-loving gamers floored. On the surface, this is like the best summer action flick you’ve ever been to with a buddy.

But beneath that first impression is a surprisingly complex game that co-op fans will hail as one of the best multiplayer games of the generation. Despite its looks, its vulgarity, its attitude, and its cartoon-like feel, Army of Two is really a thinking man’s game, and effective strategy is rewarded with more money and more glory.

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