A Fallout 3 Interview

Posted by on Apr 23, 2008 in News |

IGN has an interview with Vice President of Public Relations Pete Hines regarding Fallout 3. Here’s the crucial question that most fans already know:

IGN: Fallout’s got a massive following and quite a vocal community. Have you at any point consulted the fan-base to see what they want from a Fallout game?

Pete Hines: Back when we first announced we were doing it in 2004, there was tons of feedback with people saying here’s what we want and here’s what we don’t want. We’re not really into consulting, in that we’ve got 75 people who spend all day every day working on this game, so we look for information and feedback for the kinds of things the fans are looking for, and feedback from the last game that we made. Even though it’s an Elder Scroll game, we’ve looked at the things they liked or didn’t like from that, and we have our own opinions about what we liked and didn’t like, and look at what things may be applicable to Fallout. Whether its how fast travel works, or for example how we’ve changed the way leveling works, so it’s very different from Oblivion.

I can already hear the hardcore crowd screaming for blood. They were not consulted? Oh, the drama!